Rochelle standing in front of the gum wall located in downtown Seattle.
me, standing in front of
the iconic gum wall.

I am wanna be a blogger who happens to be dyslexic.

Sometimes I will talk about disabilities, but other times I might post about food. Honestly, this blog is more like a public journal, where I hope to share resources for people like me.

I originally wanted to make this because I am passionate about languages, but when I googled information about learning languages with dyslexia, most websites said, do not try. It’s frustratingā€¦

I can’t be the only person who has dyslexia, loves learning languages, and craves to study aboard. So, because of that, it makes me want to document things I learn about studying and methods that help me learn languages better. It might be useful to everyone with dyslexia, but at least we can struggle together?

Anyways that is just a little about me, let’s see if I can become bilingual šŸ˜Š